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About Knightsbridge Financial Reclaims

Knightsbridge Financial Reclaims are a claims management company located in Manchester, United Kingdom. We are experts in helping people like you claim back what is rightfully yours. Contact us today to find out if you may be owed compensation.

Payment Protection Insurance
  • Better known as PPI, this was intended to help customers cover the cost of their repayments on finances if they became unemployed or were unable to work due to sickness. It was often added to customers finances without their knowledge or the policies did not actually cover them. Have you ever had any credit cards, store cards, loans, catalogues, overdrafts or mortgages?
Packaged Bank Accounts
  • These are bank accounts that you pay a monthly fee for. You often receive benefits such as mobile phone insurance, travel insurance and car breakdown cover. Unfortunately, the banks don’t always check that you would be eligible for the additional benefits or they entice you to open a fee-paying account by offering better rates on loans or insinuating you will get a bigger overdraft. Have you ever paid a fee for your bank account?
  • Banks were giving mortgages to individuals that either could not afford to meet their monthly repayments, repayments were due after retirement age or they were not aware of the long-term financial costs involved in taking out an interest-only mortgage. Have you ever had mortgage?
Secured Finances
  • Following a court ruling it has been established that lenders and brokers were taking a huge proportion of your monthly premiums as a commission for themselves. If this commission was not disclosed to you then you may have been misled into an unfair relationship. Have you ever had any loans secured to your home?
Payday Loans
  • For years payday lenders have been irresponsibly lending to the public at extortionate interest rates without carrying out any proper affordability checks. This has caused many people to get stuck in a borrowing cycle. The payday lenders have a duty of care to ensure that when lending money they have checked the overall affordability of the borrowing, but many lenders did not carry out the necessary checks when making the decision on the loan. Have you ever had a payday loan?